When it comes to leading healthy and trendy lives, there is very possible information available at our fingertips. In fact, it can be safe to say, we are rather spoilt for choice about what we want to read or watch. However, the drawback here is that because of the availability of so many contents, very often the ones which are worthy of spending time on get left behind. One such example is the sphere of blogging. Of the plethora of bloggers working today, there are some who focus more on quality instead of making the content viral-worthy.

If you are interested in lifestyle blogs, here are the top Indian lifestyle bloggers of 2019, who you should definitely follow -

Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Covering the topics of beauty, fashion, and makeup, Nilu provides in-depth information of whatever she posts. She is known for her signature haircut and is known to change its color every now and then. Regular interaction with her followers and readiness to provide information whenever someone reaches out to her, makes her one of the most followed bloggers.

  • Address: Bengaluru
  • Industry: Lifestyle
  • Income: N/A
  • Award: Best Blogger Styling Award - Splash Fashions Bangalore, 2014
  • Blogger’s Website URL: https://bighairloudmouth.com/
Freshia B

Known for her YouTube channel Whack wherein she covers almost any and every topic. Her videos are detailed without being long or boring. Her topic can range from the current economic conditions to science fiction. No wonder she has a large fan-following.

Gia Kashyap

Gia is a sensation both on Instagram and YouTube. Like others in this list, she too covers fashion and lifestyle but her area of focus revolves around being healthy and which kind of outfit would suit your body type. Her posts will infuse in you, the required dose of inspiration to bring out the best version of yourself.

Sherry Shroff

Sherry is one of the most popular bloggers in the arena of beauty of fashion and one of the most viewed on YouTube. Fashion runs in her genes as her sister is Anita Shroff is the fashion director of Vogue India. However, Sherry has established her own identity, with her followers hanging onto every word she writes or speaks.

Prajakta Koli

She started off as a radio jockey and today is for a video blogger with extremely honest and straightforward reviews. However, she is not as serious as she sounds. Prajakta’s posts are hilarious as she is willing to troll anything and anyone ranging from pop songs that make no sense to body shamers.

  • Address: Bombay
  • Industry: Comedy and Motivation
  • Income: N/A
  • Award: N/A
  • Blogger’s Website URL: https://mostlysane.in
Aarabi Veeraghavan

Hailing from Chennai, Aarabi is better known as the other Veerarghavan girl. She is a girl with many talents. Apart from being a blogger, she is also a professional dancer. Her posts cover everything that she loves from her love for cotton sarees to body positivity.

Shramona Poddar

A Bengali girl who is known for sweets, meat, and mountains because her posts mostly revolve around these things. She loves to eat and travel and her stories revolve around driving happiness from basic and everyday things. Her posts avoid parties and galas at five-star hotels.

Devyani Kapoor

Sarees, accessories and Calcutta - if you happen to love any of these, then you are in luck for Devyani loves and covers all of these in a very concise, yet detailed manner. She loves local fashion that is eco-friendly. However, she has also tied up with a number of big brands which have been featured in her blog.

Neelakshi Singh

Unlike other fashion and lifestyle bloggers who focus on keeping themselves in the best shape for the best photographs, Neelakshi seems to break the convention in this regard. She is carefree and proud when it comes to her body. She is thus one of the best proponents of self-love in the world of bloggers.

Larissa Dsa

Larissa is a traveller, beauty expert, and personal stylist. Her signature-styled photos appear professional. The truth, however, is that she travels with her partner who clicks her photos. She now has nearly 300k followers who love her work.