Food - most of us have it in order to survive, however, there are a special few among us who have given it an entirely new meaning. For these select few, food is not just a means a nourishment but a source of happiness. Here is thus a list of the top Indian food bloggers of 2019 who work round the clock in reviewing the most sought-after dishes and spreading the happiness all across the internet -

Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne is an avid food enthusiast and loves traveling too - two aspects she has chronicled in her blog post. In most of her free time, she loves exploring the lesser known food joints in her city and reviewing them. When not working, she writes for various publications including newspapers and magazines about food and travel. Because of her regular and interesting updates, she has gathered a large fan following.

  • Address: Bombay
  • Industry: Food Blogging and Travelling
  • Income: N/A
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Himanshu Sehgal

He stands out among this rest because of the big yellow plate which he carries with him everywhere. He puts the food from the places he visits in his signature plate and then shares the photo with the world. Today, Himanshu has become so popular that he is better known as the guy with the yellow plate. His work has found mention in a number of media outlets and magazines such as National Geographic, Lonely Planet, and India Today to name a few.

Swayampurna Mishra

A blogger, a banker, a wife, and a banker - Swayampurna surely knows how to juggle multiple jobs at the same time. Her blog is filled with images of her travel and food experience. She is now on her way to getting her own cookbook published.

  • Address: Karnataka
  • Industry: Blogging
  • Income: N/A
  • Award: N/A
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Kalyan Karmakar

Kalyan is the author of ‘The Travelling Belly’ wherein he talks about food and his travels. He has an avid interest in writing and has gathered a lot of fan following on social media too. Apart from writing, he also loves cooking in his free time.

Shivesh Bhatia

Apart from being one of the best food bloggers in the country, Shivesh is also a self-taught baker. While others focus on a variety of food, Shivesh has stuck to the sweetest of them all - desserts. He is also the youngest one on the list at just 21 years. He now has his sights set on releasing his first book.

  • Address: New Delhi
  • Industry: Blogging
  • Income: N/A
  • Award: Traveller's Social Media Star - Conde Nast - 2017
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Ronak Rajani

A graduate of Jai Hind College, Ronak provides his city with a dose of deliciousness it needs. He also offers a lot of tips regarding the best places to visit for food and the events that cannot be missed. His blog is thus a must-read for anyone planning to visit Mumbai.

Natasha Diddee

Life was just going normally for Natasha. She had a successful job as a chef and had worked at a number of restaurants and hotels of repute. However, the long hours and erratic food habits took a toll on her stomach leading to multiple ulcers, and doctors had to remove her entire stomach.

As a result, she does not feel hungry and instead has to keep eating at regular intervals to keep herself nourished. This has however not stopped her pursuing her passion for food and cooking. Her passion has borne fruit and today she is the most recognized name in the world of food blogging.

Nikita Aggarwal

If you like photos and videos, then you must follow Nikita’s blog. She is popular on both Instagram and YouTube. She is known for her unique choices which will surely leave you spoilt for choices. She covers exquisite food and street food equally.

Karan Dua

People of Delhi swear by his reviews. He is known for his mouth-watering images of dishes he puts up on his Instagram account. If there is a tempting dish in town, Karan will surely try it. He also has a YouTube account where also he has gained massive traction.

Rohit Haryani

His blog ‘The Hungry Mumbaikar’ is considered to be one the best food blogs in India. While browsing through his delicious images, we guarantee you are going to be tempted to gorge. Till date, he has amassed more than a lakh follower.