Travelling is one of those few activities which not only calms our body and mind but also leaves a mark on our soul. It also helps us learn a lot, about the people, the places, their cultures, and their customs. For these reasons, once in a while, we should all go on a trip. However, how would our lives be like if our jobs involved traveling? There are few among us who dared to take up this thought seriously and have now turned to travel blogging. Their passion and their love for traveling have made them the best Indian travel bloggers of 2019 and some of their blogs have turned out to be the best travel blogs of India. Here are a few of them -

Venkat Ganesh

Venkat was mesmerized by the beauty of India and that’s why he decided to give up his job and travel around the country to unknown destinations without making any plans. His blog will surely inspire you to hit the roads on your bike at the earliest. India backpack Motorbike

Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha is a product designer cum travel blogger. His travel experiences exude the thought that we only live our lives once. He thus travels all around the globe and indulges in as many activities as he can including trekking, traveling and photography.

Shivya Nath

After working for nearly seven years in the corporate sector, Shivya realized her true calling lay in traveling than in remaining fixated in a cubicle all round the day. Today, she travels all around the globe traveling to destinations less explored and has become an inspiration for women who wish to be independent by taking solo travels. Till date, she has traveled to more than 20 countries and 4 continents and she has no plans of stopping. Her writings have been featured in many leading dailies and magazines.


He is one of the very few travel bloggers who has touched all the seven continents - an impossible feat for most of us. His experiences have been mentioned in a number of domestic and international travels brands. He has been traveling since 2009 and has notably featured in National Geographic Magazine and the Deccan Chronicle.

Niranjan Das

Niranjan, like a true nomad, likes to go out to any place his heart desires. All he takes with him is his camera and backpack and along the way he keeps jotting down his experiences which he later shares with his eager audiences. He travels mostly in India, though he has made a few trips outside India too. He has made quite a name for himself and his experiences have been featured prominently in The Hindu.

Mridula Dwivedi

Mridula has always been passionate about traveling. In fact, she keeps her passion for travel blogging alive along with having a regular job as an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at Gurgaon. Her efforts have been applauded time and again by the BBC and The Guardian.

  • Address: Gurgaon
  • Industry: Travel and Teaching
  • Blogger's Income: N/A
  • Award: Best travel Indi blog - India weblog awards 2007
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Joshi Daniel

Joshi is one of the most unique travelers on this list. More than writing, he believes in capturing individuals from various places and walks of life in his photograph as he is of the opinion that every face has a story to tell. His photo blog is thus inspired by lifestyles, cultures, and traditions from various places.

  • Address: N/A
  • Industry: Travel and Photography
  • Blogger's Income: N/A
  • Award: ‘20 Most Outstanding Photoblogs’ - Photoblog Awards 2012
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Dheeraj Sharma

A techie by profession on this list, Dheeraj is known for his hunger for exploring unknown places and testing his own limit. He is a big fan of the Leh-Ladakh circuit as is evident from his travel blog which is filled with interesting photographs which chronicle his travel experiences.

Bhushavali Natarajan

Bhushavali has come a long way since first beginning to write on pieces of paper. She is now a dedicated blogger who has many times found mention in the top 30 and top 50 travel bloggers in India by various organizations. Her favorite destination is Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia. She has traveled to a number of destinations both India and abroad.

Anuradha Shankar

Anuradha dons many hats including those of being a housewife, mother, traveler, blogger, and a freelance writer. Despite this, she manages to find time for her blog in which she recounts her travel experiences. She had initially planned to be a scientist but now traveling and writing is her passion.

  • Address: Mumbai
  • Industry: Travel
  • Blogger's Income: N/A
  • Award: Top 25 Indian Travel Bloggers by Thrillophilia - 2014
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